Keep PESTs Where They Belong... AWAY FROM YOUR HOME


TOTAL Pest Control

Our TOTAL Pest Control service is an all-inclusive program designed to protect the structure perimeter and indoor living areas from encroaching outdoor invaders and keep pests where they belong, outside. We also perform corrective applications to eliminate any existing pest infestations within your home. The program is performed on a quarterly schedule (4 times per year). A complete indoor application consisting of passive baits and residual products is performed during our initial visit, focusing on all water source areas (kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room) as well as areas of existing activity. This is followed by an outdoor perimeter residual spray and granular bait application. Then, every three months we will perform a booster application, focusing on the outside perimeter and all outdoor possible harborage areas. Our service addresses all common household pests such as cockroaches, ants, silverfish, fleas, ticks, as well as including rats and mice.

Termite Control

Termites are always a concern for Florida homeowners. The prevailing climate is the perfect environment for termites to thrive; warm temperatures, adequate moisture year round, and plenty of cellulose material (wood) for termites to consume. We perform a chemical barrier treatment around the perimeter of the home using Termidor, the most effective termiticide ever developed. Termidor is backed by a structural repair guarantee of up to 1 million dollars. Total Home & Lawn Defense will also perform a corrective re-treatment at no additional cost should termites ever breach the protective Termidor barrier. This guarantee is valid for 10 years after initial treatment provided an inspection is performed annually.

Wildlife Trapping / Removal

Wildlife may find their way into the structure of your home and you may not even be aware of their presence. Raccoons, squirrels, bats, and even snakes will find small crevices and gaps in the structure, making their way into service voids within the structure or worse, actually ending up inside the living spaces of the home. Highly motivated critters may even create their own entry points, damaging structure components and creating safety as well as health hazards for those inside the living spaces of the structure. TOTAL Home & Lawn Defense will trap and remove most common critters within a structure and then perform the necessary repairs to keep the unwanted visitors from coming back.

Wildlife Exclusion Repair

The only way to permanently keep critters out is by repairing the access points where they enter the structure. We identify these access points and perform permanent repairs that cannot be easily undone by the unwelcome visitors. Wildlife animals will damage and contaminate structural components within a home which can create safety / health hazards for structure occupants.

Bed Bug Elimination

We offer a "complete structure" Bed Bug Elimination service exclusively. Due to their biology and hitch-hiking behavior, it is almost impossible to guarantee control of bed bugs by selectively treating known infestation areas within a structure. This often results in "partial" control of the infestation and re-emergence may occur within 2 or 3 months. We will only perform treatments that will offer the best opportunity for complete elimination of the infestation. We perform treatments throughout the entire structure, following up weekly until activity is no longer detected. We perform liquid residual treatments. We do not perform heat treatments.

We Protect Your Home Turf

German roach control

German Roaches

Don't let them set up shop in your home.

Rats, mice control

Rats and mice

Can cause severe damage to home system components if left unchecked.

Bed bug Elimination

Bed Bugs

A difficult problem once established

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